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Say GOODBYE to trespassing animals and flying pests!

Are animals and flying pests trespassing on your property? Outdoor T.E.O.S. is more than a spray solution, it’s a system that serves as a humane, but effective, deterrent to unwanted critters like coyotes that you can keep out of your yard.   Outside T.E.O.S. is also safe for your cats, dogs, and family!

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OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. is honored to be used by CAL-FIRE of Willits CA as their ECO-FRIENDLY Product to control the trespassing wildlife & flying pests. For more info look at this recent article.

Outdoor T.E.O.S. works to deter Rats Mice Possum Raccoons  Coyote Deer Squirrels Dogs Cats Gophers Flies Mosquitos Termites Ants Gnats !

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What is Outside T.E.O.S.?

OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. gives you more bang for your buck and is better than getting an expensive exterminator $$ that uses traditional poisons to resolve your trespassing animals & flying pests problems. Do you have problems with pesky foxes invading your chicken coop? Have raccoons in your garbage? Look no further.
With OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. There is no need to call a professional to come and resolve your trespassing animal or flying pests challenge. This awesome product puts the power of being in control into your hands while saving you money.
IMPORTANT NOTE : OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. IS NOT just a spray! Every bottle of OUTSIDE TEOS is a complete system that fully equips you to deter trespassing animals & flying pests.
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How to use T.E.O.S.

Available in 3 sizes

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Re-training system for the animals behavior

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What T.E.O.S. Customers are Saying...

Outside T.E.O.S. surpasses homeowners expectations

Michael loves that he lives amongst nature, but that benefit doesn’t come without its challenges. Like many, he had to deal with trespassers such as raccoons, coyotes, possum, and rats.

At first glance, Michael was skeptical of T.E.O.S.  Could a spray really stop these mischievous creatures from coming onto his property and causing trouble?  To his excitement, Michael found out that T.E.O.S. works exactly as presented.

Say goodbye to trespassing animals and pets!

T.E.O.S. makes Coyotes "run"

James lives in an area called “Coyote Run”.  For years he and his neighbors have dealt with unwanted visitations from coyotes.  After trying many ways to deter these animals, he decided to give Outside T.E.O.S. a try.  

When following the Outside T.E.O.S. proven process, he saw a complete turnaround.  Finally, James doesn’t have to wake up and clean the mess from unwelcome overnight visitors.

Outside T.E.O.S. worked 100% in stopping these pesky coyotes.  James now says that he will be a customer for life! 

T.E.O.S. pulls double "doody"

Outside T.E.O.S. works on wild animals, but what about nuisances of a more domestic kind? 

Rodney found that an inconsiderate neighbor was allowing her furry friend to “leave some packages” on his lawn.  After talking with T.E.O.S. Founder Daniele Largo, he decided to spray his property with Outside T.E.O.S. in hopes to deter the behavior without having to confront the neighbor.

It worked wonderfully!  The dog completed avoided the area, but the benefit didn’t stop there.  Rodney started using the solution when he saw mice droppings in the house.  Using his supply of T.E.O.S, his home is now dropping free inside and out!

T.E.O.S. Repels Bees and Wasps

Jason, a Long Island Homeowner, had some leftover Outside TEOS from a time where he needed a way to get rid of spider crickets in his basement.  When wasps decided to make their home in his flower bed he turned back to the solution and captured the instant results on video. 

Outside TEOS is the eco-friendly pest control that will save you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, in exterminator costs.  Give TEOS a try and you will be a believer too!

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Why T.E.O.S. works?

OUTSIDE TEOS taps into the primitive nature of animals and flying pests smelling out with their nose where to territorially mark or inhabit and communicates a STOP no cross barrier so the animal or flying pests will move on from your property or home just like they do in the wild.
What’s different about OUTSIDE TEOS is that it is all natural & does not use any poison of any kind so you, your family and pets are completely safe. OUTSIDE TEOS is the only humane system in existence that completely deters any trespassing animal or flying pests off your property and out of your home effortlessly without having to exterminate it.
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If you have any questions concerning T.E.O.S. products please contact customer service.


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