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Outside T.E.O.S. is now a trusted vendor of the U.S. Government

OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. is proud to be registered & certified to do business with the United States government. Our core values are to provide 
ECO-FRIENDLY products to the world so that the human and animal world can coexist in harmony without harming the planet on which we live.
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Client Success Story | CAL-FIRE

OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. is now trusted as a consistent bulk vendor to CAL-FIRE of Willits CA. They are located directly in the middle of the forest and were having tremendous challenges with the surrounding wildlife and insects such as rats, Ants, Water bugs, Mosquitoes & squirrels. All of these were coming indoors and getting into the fire trucks, kitchens, food supplies, warehouses, firemen’s gear, and lodgings. They were beyond frustrated, to say the least.

Unmistakeable Results With Outside T.E.O.S. after one use!

Upon the first usage of OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. all trespassing animals & flying pests stopped coming indoors and continue to stay out. 
CAL-FIRE is absolutely thrilled with the success of the product OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. consistently keeps it in bulk on the premises for continued use for keeping wildlife, trespassing animals & flying pests off human-occupied property.

Animals/Pests Deterred

  • Rats
  • Ants
  • Waterbugs
  • Mosquitos
  • Squirrels
  • And many more animals in the region
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Homeowners, business owners, and organizations from all over the United States are turning to Outside T.E.O.S. to solve frustrations from unwanted trespassing animals or the intrusion of bugs and flying pests.  

T.E.O.S. is more than a spray, it is a complete solution that not only comes with the product but direct support to contribute to your success.

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