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Here’s How To Keep Those Pesky Foxes Out Of Your Chicken Coop

Keep Foxes out of your Chicken Coop

In this article, we’re addressing the two following audience types:

  1. A person whose flock of chickens has been attacked by pesky foxes
  2. An individual who wishes to raise a flock of chickens but is concerned about foxes attacking their coop.

Either way, the ongoing issue of foxes getting into your chicken coop might make you give up on such a venture altogether.

Before you make any drastic decision, we want you to read onward as we first highlight the benefits of raising a flock:

A Chicken Coop Offers A Steady Supply Of Fresh Poultry And Eggs

Your backyard flock allows you to make your own food–a significant long-term savings venture. You’ll enjoy 300 delicious eggs per bird each year. Plus, you’ll feed your family top-tier poultry.

Something is comforting about knowing the exact origins of your food–and fresh always tastes better.

Your Coop Of Chickens Can Fertilize Your Garden

Your chickens bolster your soil’s health because they use their beaks and feet to till the earth, naturally fertilizing your garden and lawn. They also eat bugs, further controlling your yard’s insect population. Thus, they reduce the need to pay for expensive and harmful pesticides.

Chickens Provide Endless Family Entertainment

Raising a flock of chickens is like having any other pet (or, more accurately, many pets).

They have their own personalities and unique traits. They interact with one another and waddle around in their silly way. Moreover, it’s a grounding, connective experience to witness any creature living in its natural habitat.

You’ll soon find yourself immersed in the daily lives of your chickens because they become part of your family.

Foxes: A Looming Threat To Your Chicken Coop

#1 Way to Keep Foxes Out of Your Chicken Coop

With the benefits discussed in the previous section, it’s nearly impossible to argue against raising a flock of chickens.

Yet, all those advantages fly out the window when you have a problem with pesky foxes.

That said, what makes these sly canids such a danger to your chickens?

First and foremost, foxes have exceptionally acute hearing. Their ears can hear all manners of sounds.

One of those sounds could be your chickens softly cooing. From there, a fox with food-motivated intentions will follow the noise to your coop.

A fox will eat through your fencing when it’s time to make its move. If your fence is impenetrable, foxes will burrow holes to get to your coop. This act comes naturally to foxes, given their homes are holes in the ground.

Upon reaching your chickens, a fox will engage in a “killing frenzy,” during which they’ll target as many of your flock as possible. They’ll bite your chickens’ heads, then bury the bodies in any nearby storage so that they can come back and feast repeatedly.

Signs That A Fox Is Nearby

Holes near trees are a sign that foxes might be near your home. After burrowing into the ground to build their dwellings, they’ll use their scent to mark the entrance. Note that dogs can detect this scent–so if you’ve ever wanted to purchase a pup, now might be the time.

There are also fox excreta, known as scat. Foxes are likely a looming threat if you see any of this waste near your home.

Usually, scat is long, smelly, and black, containing traces of a fox’s latest meal.

How To Keep Foxes Out Of Your Chicken Coop

Here’s a list of our best “how to keep foxes out of chicken coop” tips:

Protect Your Coop With Hard Wire Mesh:

Foxes can easily chew through a weaker mesh and contort themselves to enter the resulting holes. Foxes can fit into smaller spaces than dogs, despite being similar in size.

Hardwire mesh is far more difficult for foxes to chew or squeeze through, providing needed protection for your chicken coop.

Take Your Fencing Underground:

Since foxes can burrow so expertly into your chicken coop, you’ll have to work overtime to outsmart them. Dig trenches and install fencing six inches underground. In doing so, you’ll neutralize the burrowing skills of these sly canid trespassers.

Develop Excellent Garden Hygiene:

Pick up all food waste from your garden and lock your trash cans shut to keep the garbage outside a hungry fox’s reach.

Ensure your grass is well-trimmed, and don’t let any growth surround your coop. Giving foxes no cover decreases their confidence in attacking your chickens.

Keep Your Chickens Locked In At Night:

Given foxes’ nocturnal way of life, they’ll typically hunt in the dead of night or wee hours of the morning, meaning you must lock your chickens in their coop come nighttime. The doors should only be opened in broad daylight.

Also, note that foxes aren’t entirely against hunting in daylight, so you’ll always need to be somewhat vigilant.

Perform Regular Inspections:

Always look for potential weaknesses that foxes might exploit. Inspect your fencing and coop as much as possible. Address these vulnerabilities immediately–don’t wait to act because a fox won’t.

While all these suggestions might go far in protecting your chicken coop from fox attacks, they aren’t foolproof. Every additional advantage is crucial–none more than the suggestion below:

Outside T.E.O.S. Is The #1 Way How To Keep Foxes Out Of Your Chicken Coop

Pesky Foxes please stay out of coop

Maybe, the above methods aren’t enough to eliminate your chicken coop’s fox problem. At the same time, you don’t want to drop a fortune on pest control services.

Don’t worry. We’ve found you the happy medium you desire.

Outside T.E.O.S. will keep foxes out of your chicken coop while removing the need to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on pest control.

Even more than our previous suggestions, Outside T.E.O.S. is the crucial difference-maker in fox prevention. It’s an eco-friendly, all-natural formula that’s more than just a spray. Outside T.E.O.S. is a complete system that’ll deter foxes from invading your coop, keeping your chickens safe and sound.

Reach out to us today to learn more!