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How To Keep Coyotes Out Of Your Yard The Safe And Cost-Effective Way

How to keep coyotes out of your yard

We’re living in precarious times for our environment. Animals who’d be far happier living in their natural habitat have been rapidly displaced–and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

These are more enlightened times–presenting us with a clear and present dilemma. How do we balance our respect for the environment and animal wildlife while avoiding nature’s dangers, pitfalls, and costly inconveniences?

Take coyotes, for instance. They’re noble in their way, if not a little rough around the edges. Realistically, these canid family members don’t present much of a threat to humans and bigger pets unless they’re in mating season or feeling threatened.

Speaking more in favor of coyotes, they can work in conjunction with farmers when left to their more natural settings. They mitigate the threats of foxes, raccoons, and other mesocarnivores. In the best-case scenario, when a farmer plays it just right, coyotes can offset crop damage because of their knack for hunting rodents in abundance.

Yet, those potentially advantageous traits we’ve discussed lead to a widespread problem in less ideal circumstances.

Namely, a coyote’s skills as a hunter and forager are significant concerns when they make their way onto your property. In fact, trespassing coyotes are a big enough headache to require an immediate remedy before it gets out of control. It’s not an issue you should ignore or let fester.

Read on as we discuss how to keep coyotes out of your yard in the safest, most cost-effective way.

The Pitfalls Of Coyotes Getting Into Your Yard

Your home is your castle, and you’re correct to think you have the right to keep out threatening animal interlopers.

For one, you may have a vegetable garden that you’ve been working on tirelessly. Coyotes can instantly destroy your small crop of harvesting greens, laying all your efforts to waste.

Even worse, domesticated animals–especially smaller ones like cats and more petite dogs–are at risk with coyotes in the neighborhood. Every spring and summer, there are several stories of people getting attacked by a coyote while taking their furry friend out for a walk.

This issue results from coyote territory growing by 40% since 1900, leading to habituation. With coyotes forced to coexist with humans due to dwindling habitats and food supplies, they’ve grown used to us. As such, they’ve lost their fear of us and are emboldened by that lack of fear.

Additionally, coyotes carry and spread diseases and parasites such as:

  • Tularemia
  • Rabies
  • Hepatitis
  • Fleas
  • Ticks

Again, this content isn’t anti-coyote rhetoric. Instead, we’re highlighting the importance of keeping coyotes away from your home.

After all, co-existence is the goal, and humans and these wild canids merely must find a middle ground–which starts with knowing how to keep coyotes out of your yard.


Building Up An Initial Line Of Defense

how to get rid of coyotes

When dealing with unwanted, interloping neighborhood wildlife, there are often several preventative measures you must keep in mind.

The first step in how to keep coyotes out of your yard is ensuring your property doesn’t look like the ideal dining spot.

People leave their homes susceptible to a coyote invasion through seemingly harmless oversights. For instance, forgetting to close your gate can make your home’s exterior the most convenient feeding source for a ravenous predator.

Follow the suggestions below to keep passing-by coyotes passing on by as they approach your home:

  • Use animal-proof bins to store trash
  • Don’t leave water bowls or pet food outside
  • Only put out the garbage in the morning
  • Ensure all gates remain closed:
    • Even still, coyotes can jump a fence as high as six feet. So, don’t leave your pets outside unattended.


Taking the above precautions will help stave off coyote infiltrations. Yet, coyotes can be incredibly crafty and might not be deterred by these measures, especially when faced with starvation. They’re bound to do whatever it takes to get food, even if they must wait for the ideal moment to infiltrate your home.

Therefore, you need a solution that puts a safe, invisible, and impenetrable barrier between your property and neighborhood coyotes.

The Not-Just-A-Spray-Solution

Let’s say you’ve followed the above suggestions but have been thwarted by your crafty trespassers.

Unfortunately, it’s a strong likelihood that tenacious neighborhood coyotes have overcome your preventative measures. Many customers tell us they’ve tried everything–outside of spending a fortune on pest control–to safely get rid of these pesky canids.

Of course, you can finally give in and call pest control–but these are trying financial times. Forking out a chunk of your savings on coyote prevention might only add to your burdens.

All the same, you need to protect your property–and if it’s not going to be pest control services, something else needs to solve the problem.

Enter Outside T.E.O.S, the coyote-prevention solution that uses traditional deterrents to protect your property and pets.

Outside T.E.O.S offers you the most bang for your buck, eliminating the need to call a professional for costly pest-removal services. Instead, you’re using a comprehensive animal control system that turns your home into a defensive fortress against unwanted wildlife.

Most importantly, Outside T.E.O.S is eco-friendly, all-natural, and doesn’t include any poisons. Our product is made by animal lovers and environmentalists. Thus, we aim to offer you a product that keeps coyotes and other pests (e.g., mice, vermin, and roaches) off your property without causing harm.

Use Outside T.E.O.S To Keep Coyotes Out Of Your Yard Once And For All.

Use Outside T.E.O.S to Keep Coyotes Out

Coyotes aren’t the enemy–but that doesn’t mean you want them on your property, tearing up your garden, attacking your pets, and spreading disease.

Naturally, you don’t want to sink your hard-earned cash into pest control services. Also, you want to ensure your prevention methods are eco-friendly. As such, Outside T.E.O.S is your ideal coyote-prevention solution.

Outside T.E.O.S requires minimal spending and not much effort to keep your yard safe from unwanted wildlife. Contact us today to learn more.