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How to Get Rid of Coyotes on Your Property

Coyotes are beautiful creatures. They have many admirable qualities including their commitment to each other within the pack environment. It would be time well spent to learn more about coyotes and gain an appreciation for them.

Coyotes, however, can be a nuisance when they take up residence on someone’s property. They are not only in rural areas anymore either. Coyotes are very adaptable to urban environments and, if not addressed in a timely manner, can cause significant damage to property and native wildlife populations. It is important for homeowners to be aware of the risks associated with coyotes living on their property and to take appropriate action.

how to get rid of coyotes

This article is being written to help you better understand the concerns homeowners have with coyotes trespassing on their property. It will also show real ways, including the most effective strategy in how to get rid of coyotes.

If you are looking for the most effective way in how to get rid of coyotes, we will present it here first. Other ways can be found in this article, as well. TEOS Solutions offers Outside TEOS. Outside TEOS is the spray that works every time when properly applied. It is the most effective way to get rid of animals on your property. Coyote removal is certainly one of them but is also effective in how to get rid of raccoons, fox, rats and many other pests.  Outside TEOS is now widely used in residential, commercial, and government settings.

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How Coyotes Can Damage Your Property

You can love and appreciate these majestic animals and still want to discover how to get rid of coyotes. What are some of the ways coyotes can negatively impact your property?

Coyotes can cause property damage by digging and rooting in the ground. This is especially true when they are after small rodents like mice, voles, rabbits, and gophers. They will also eat plants and fruits off of trees, including eggplants, tomatoes and apples. These activities can leave your yard looking unsightly.

Also, your yard can be a place where coyotes simply be what they were designed to be. They can hunt other animals, leaving carcasses on your property. They may also pee and poop in your yard leaving messy cleanup.

They are typically timid animals but can be aggressive when scared, like any other creature. Another inconvenient habit that presents that causes homeowners to seek how to get rid of coyotes is rummaging through the garbage. Many unwanted furry visitors do this and it can be an annoying mess.

DIY Coyote Repellant Ideas

There are many ways on how to get rid of coyotes from your property. We have already mentioned Outside TEOS but there are other DIY methods you can try as well.

Motion-activated water sprinklers – Motion-activated sprinklers detect heat and motion which will startle a coyote when it enters the area being protected. This method works effectively but require installation, upkeep, turning on and off, and also a rise in utility costs.

Noise and Lights – Coyotes are shy animals that do not like to be around humans or bright lights. If you can create a habitat, where there is noise or light all the time, they will most likely move on to a more peaceful environment. Most of us, however, like quiet and want less noise in our life.

Fences – Fences are the best way to keep coyotes off of your property. They should be at least 6 feet high for coyotes to be deterred from jumping over them. Electric fencing is the most effective and can be powered with solar energy.

Coyote Repellent – There are many chemical repellents on the market that claim they will work as a coyote deterrent, but may not be safe for the environment. Why put your health and the health or your pets and environment at risk

How to get rid of Coyotes in the most effective way.... It's Outside TEOS

Outside TEOS, on the other hand, is all natural and 100% effective when used properly.

How to get rid of coyotes easily and effectively with Outside TEOS is simple. It is the most humane and safest way to keep these animals away from your home without causing harm or injury to them or your environment.

Coyote removal can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. We have presented here the best strategies for how to get rid of coyotes so that you can make an informed decision about which one works best for you.

Whether you choose motion-activated water sprinklers, noise and lights, fencing, or Outside TEOS as your chosen method, remember that taking action now will protect your property from further damage.

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