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It's your HOME.
Set boundaries with T.E.O.S.!

T.E.O.S. Industries offers revolutionary products that deter pet potty messes inside and trespassing animals and pests on the outside, protecting your home. 

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Safe for dogs and cats

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Re-training system for the animals behavior

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Indoors or Outdoors, T.E.O.S. works!

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Outside T.E.O.S.

With OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. There is no need to call a professional exterminator to come and resolve your trespassing animal or flying pests challenge.  This awesome product puts the power of being in control into your hands while saving you money.

It is all-natural and doesn’t use any poison of any kind so it’s safe for you, your family & your pets to be around.

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T.E.O.S. Potty Solution

The first thing you need to know about T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution is NOT.  It is not a spray to cover up the smell of your pet’s potty accidents. It is not a cleaner.

T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution is a complete training system with a formula that STOPS your pets & any other animals from having potty challenges in unwanted areas in the first place.  Imagine being a spray away from a potty-free home! Get the best dog potty training spray on the market today.

How T.E.O.S started...

From the kitchen to homes throughout America!

T.E.O.S. was created by pet whisperer Daniele Largo.  She has worked with pet owners for years transforming the behavior of dogs and cats, enhancing the quality of life for all of her clients. 

Daniele found that many of her client’s homes were being totally destroyed by potty accidents of all forms.  T.E.O.S. Potty Solution is now in thousands of homes throughout America creating a “no potty zone”!

It’s not just for indoors anymore. The latest product, Outside T.E.O.S., is now helping homeowners reclaim their yard from trespassing animals and flying pests saving thousands on pest control bills.  

All products are natural and are safe for pets, plants, and humans!

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If you have any questions concerning T.E.O.S. products please contact customer service.


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