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A Limited Number of Sample Bottles to be Released

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We are excited to announce that now you can try T.E.O.S. for free!  A limited number of sample bottles for both Outside T.E.O.S. and the Potty Solution will be released in late July.  All you have to do is pay shipping and provide a valid email address and we will send you a 2 oz. bottle of this revolutionary product.  

Our trained support staff is available to coach you through the application process.  Once you try T.E.O.S. and see the results, you will know that this product absolutely works!  


OUTSIDE TEOS 2 oz bottle mockup

Outside T.E.O.S.

Outside T.E.O.S. deters trespassing animals and annoying flying pests. 

TEOS The Potty Solution 2 oz bottle mockup

T.E.O.S. "The Potty Solution"

Our Potty Solution is a proven solution that stops indoor pet potty behavior!