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It’s only natural to look for a dealbreaker when you hear about a dog potty spray–like TEOS–that only takes seven days to complete the dog potty training process. The promise sounds too good to be true, so skepticism typically takes hold.

For instance, you might think that while our spray may speed up dog potty training, it could be harmful to use around your pets and family.

Questioning products like ours is what any caring pet owner should do. Your pooch is a member of your family. Preventing potty-related accidents around the house isn’t reason enough to put their health at risk. You also have the rest of your family’s safety to prioritize.

So let us clarify that TEOS dog potty spray is 100% safe for your family and pets. The creator of our spray, Daniele Largo, made sure to use homemade ingredients that ensure your pets and families are free from harm’s way.

Yes, our product’s ingredients tap into your animal’s instincts to tell them areas in your home are NO POTTY ZONES. However, we rely on nature to harness this reaction, avoiding any chemicals that could be potentially harmful.

T.E.O.S. Dog Potty Spray

Do Other Dog Potty Training Products Use Harmful Ingredients?

Unlike other T.E.O.S., many other dog potty spray products incorporate harmful chemicals.

For instance, allyl phenylacetate is found in many of these sprays. It’s a manufactured chemical with a honey-like scent.

Some brief research will tell you that allyl phenylacetate is harmful to inhale and swallow. You also shouldn’t allow it to contact your skin. Additionally, allyl phenylacetate can irritate the respiratory system and eyes. It must always be kept out of a child’s reach.

Another ingredient found in other dog potty spray products is caproic acid. 

This ingredient is an oily, colorless liquid with a cheesy, goaty odor. It’s highly corrosive and can cause burns to the skin and damage your, your dog’s, or your children’s eyes. Also, breathing in caproic acid can cause throat, nose, and lung irritation. The latter can lead to coughing and shortness of breath.

While such sprays may help dogs with potty training (a claim that is up for debate), the risk potential is ever present. As such, any pet owner needing a dog potty spray must be very careful when considering such products. In fact, any dog potty spray with these ingredients should likely be avoided altogether if you want to keep your pet and family safe.

What About Using A Spray Water Bottle To Train Your Dog?

Let’s say you trust that T.E.O.S. uses safe ingredients for your beloved pooch, family members, and even your furniture (T.E.O.S. is stain free!). Still, you like the idea of a DIY, cost-free dog potty spray.

So, you decide to use a spray water bottle as a form of “punishment” to your pup when they go potty in the wrong places.

Water does tick many boxes for pet owners. It’s entirely natural and won’t cost you a thing. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Using water spray bottles for dog potty training has typically proven to be an ineffective solution.

Our founder Daniele has worked with pets for years. She’s seen what works and what doesn’t. She’s witnessed firsthand the harmful impact of seemingly harmless water spray bottles on dogs.

Primarily, the issue lies in your water spray bottle being a form of punishment or negative reinforcement. Such a measure can damage your relationship with your pup and harm their psyche.

Your family members may have nothing health-wise to worry about since water is chemical free. However, their beloved pet’s happiness will be their top priority. Thus, your family won’t be happy with the results since your pup’s behavior and quality of life will suffer.

How Is TEOS Dog Potty Spray Different From Other Solutions?

We’ve already pointed out that T.E.O.S. uses ALL-NATURAL ingredients.

Thus, when using T.E.O.S. spray, corrosiveness, skin irritation, or respiratory issues aren’t an issue. Instead, our 100% safe formula gently communicates to your pooch that they are not meant to go potty in sprayed areas.

T.E.O.S. dog potty spray is also better than a water spray bottle for a few reasons. For one, the effectiveness of our product is that it’s not a punishment. Owners don’t spray their dogs with T.E.O.S.–they spray the areas where the potty isn’t meant to be used. 

Unlike a water bottle, our spray won’t cause any psychological harm to your pup because it’s being used to create a boundary. Your pooch won’t feel threatened, reprimanded, or backed into a corner. Rather, they’ll gain an innate understanding of the right–and wrong–places to go potty.

Since T.E.O.S. ingredients are harmless and our training system doesn’t use negative reinforcement, your relationship with your pup will flourish. You won’t come home to unwanted messes and smells and must scrub your carpets free of nasty stains. Even better, your pet won’t feel the energy of an annoyed or upset owner who’s at their wit’s end. It’s a win-win scenario for all parties.

Do I Just Spray TEOS, And My Pet’s Potty Problems Go Away?

T.E.O.S. is 100% safe and is a proven solution for your dog’s potty training problems. Most of our customers have resolved related issues in as little as seven days.

That said, dog owners must do more than spray and hope the problem disappears. This isn’t to say you’ll have to sweat and toil after buying T.E.O.S.. The process isn’t labor intensive. Nonetheless, there still is a program to help you use T.E.O.S. most effectively. 

When we send you your bottle of T.E.O.S. spray, we’ll also send you a pamphlet that guides you through our training system to ensure the best results.

Indeed, T.E.O.S. is a miracle spray. Without putting our clients and their families and pets at risk (since our product is free of harmful ingredients), T.E.O.S. changes bad pet potty habits. All the same, these results require your commitment to following our program. 

Do you have any more questions about T.E.O.S. dog potty training spray? Contact us with your inquiries, or browse the rest of our FAQ section to learn more.