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How Do Dog Potty Training Sprays Work

There’s something to be said about the sheer wonderment of owning a dog.

Your pooch pal offers you joy unlike all other forms of joy. The moment you saw that beautiful canine smile, it was love at first sight.

Dogs offer a plethora of quality-of-life benefits to their people. They make us smile, encourage us to exercise, and tap into our sense of play. They’re there for us when we need them, filled with affection and warmth. 

Since our dogs mean so much to our happiness, we owe it to them to repay the favor. Your pup deserves the best life chock full of head scratches, treats, playtime, and general happiness.

Giving our canine chums the best possible quality of life involves teaching them to not pee or poop in your household. After all, we’re not talking about a cat. Dogs don’t have a litter for when it’s time to go to the potty. They need guidance, empathy, and training to learn appropriate potty-based behaviors.

Having a pooch for a roommate can be hard work. In fact, training a dog is a lot like raising a child. Some dog owners who are parents might tell you it’s even more challenging, depending on the breed.

However, teaching your dog right from wrong shouldn’t be discouraging or cause you strife.

On the above note, using the best puppy potty training spray can make training your doggo far easier.

Using the Best Puppy Training Spray Will Do Wonders for The Dog / Owner Relationship

Using The Best Puppy Training Spray

Adding a dog with potty-related problems to your list of daily challenges can add unnecessary strain to your life and your relationship with your pooch pal.

Isn’t life already hard enough?

Dog-person bonds are special. More to the point, your relationship with your pup should improve your life and help you forget your troubles.

Look no further than support dogs. From guiding the blind to soothing mental health struggles, these canines offer their owners innate kindness and healing properties.

Coming home to a pup who’s had an accident on your carpet makes it hard for you to experience the joys of having a dog. Instead, it makes you focus on the negatives. You start to wonder if the related stressors outweigh the benefits of dog ownership.

Even worse, your dog can pick up on your energy. They’ll know you’re upset. Therefore, they’ll be less happy. Then, the added anxiety can worsen their behaviors. The long and short of it? Your pup’s quality of life will suffer.

We’re never angry with our dogs. It’s the circumstances that can make us feel dismayed.

Luckily, training your dog doesn’t need to be complicated.

No–we’re not saying you need to take drastic measures, like paying for obedience training (although that may help). Nor are we telling you to shell out thousands of dollars on some magic-bullet potion to make your problems disappear.

The solution is simple, really–and it’s cost-efficient. Use the best potty training spray for dogs, T.E.O.S. Potty Solution, to put your doggo’s potty problems behind you.

Do Potty Training Sprays Work?

You might be skeptical when you hear that solving your dog’s potty-related problems involves a simple spray.

Consumers are wise to scrutinize products. Ensuring you pay for something that works is paramount.

Here’s our guarantee to you: when T.E.O.S. says we have the best puppy training spray, it’s factual.

For one, we’re not overselling a false promise. You don’t simply spray, and the potty problems go away. Rather, you must adhere to a comprehensive, easy-to-follow training system to ensure the best results.

Imagine being a spray bottle away from a potty-free home!

You only need to spray our miracle formula throughout your home for seven days. This creates an invisible barrier, stopping your pup from going to the potty in unwanted areas.

T.E.O.S. is the best dog toilet training spray because it blends into the training process. It’s an additional tool to help your pup live their best life.

How Long Will It Take For T.E.O.S. To Work?

How long have you been trying to potty-train your pup?

A month? Two months? Did you already potty train your dog, but they’ve recently suffered from a behavioral lapse?

When pet owners are in the throes of potty-related strife, it can seem like there’s no quick fix.

T.E.O.S. is a quick fix.

However–we offer a quick fix based on science, not false promises. The formula does need a bit of time to work its magic as you reinforce positive potty-related behaviors. More specifically, our potty solution requires seven days to help fully potty train your pup.

Using T.E.O.S. is a time-efficient remedy to your dog’s potty problems. Still, you must be vigilant with its use. While highly effective, no stone can be left unturned in spraying and creating those invisible barriers.

Imagine going from a house full of potty accidents and related smells to a clean, fresh living space in a week. T.E.O.S. is your express ticket to living in blissful harmony with your pup.

Delving Into The Details Of T.E.O.S.: The Best Spray For Potty Training Dogs.

How Long Will it Take for T.E.O.S. to Work

We’ll explore how T.E.O.S. works in this section.

As discussed previously, our potty solution creates an invisible barrier around areas of your home to prevent unwanted messes. Our process typically lasts seven days, and voila! Your pooch is potty trained.

That said, how do we make this magic happen? What’s our secret?

First, we’ll note that we offer the two following types of T.E.O.S. potty solutions:

  1. Regular: For dogs with potty training challenges for less than a year.
  2. Extra strength: For dogs with potty problems for over a year.

We must also mention that T.E.O.S. is all-natural, safe for pets, and doesn’t stain floors or furniture. Still, the ingredients make clear to your pets that sprayed areas are NO POTTY ZONES. Your furry friends will know that a spayed space is off-limits, and they’ll need to relieve themselves elsewhere.

Moreover, we’ll send you an instructional/training pamphlet that arrives with every T.E.O.S. bottle. This shows owners when, where, how, and how long to spray the formula to reverse their pets’ potty problems.

You can trust T.E.O.S. primarily because it was made by a pet whisperer who’s spent decades successfully training dogs. This starkly contrasts other sprays, which often worsen pet behaviors and are made by consumer goods companies.

How is T.E.O.S. Different as a Potty Training Spray?

The founder and creator of T.E.O.S. is a dog-whispering expert, which gives our product a distinct advantage over others on the market.

Many other sprays are mass-produced and generic. Alternatively, T.E.O.S. uses natural, pet-friendly ingredients with our furry pals’ better health in mind. Each bottle is made with love, care, and the spirit of improving your relationship with your pup (or other pet).

More technically, most pet potty training spray makers design products encouraging pets to use the bathroom. These products often incorporate pheromones to trigger the need to use the bathroom (or, at least, to get your pup thinking about it). Or, they’ll use ingredients that smell like canine excrement.

In most cases, these sprays are meant to be sprayed far from your home because of how those horrific smells can linger.

Additionally, these products aim to get pets to relieve themselves on their person’s schedule.

For instance, you’ll want your pup to do their business before you go to bed. This usually means going for a walk or letting them out in the backyard. You’d follow them outside and use the spray to encourage the desired behavior. Ideally, this approach would prevent unwanted accidents after bedtime.

Another use case would be encouraging potty usage before going to work or a friend’s house.

The problem with this type of potty attractant spray is it’s a band-aid solution. You’re not halting bad behavior as much as you’re tricking your pup into going to the potty outdoors.

What happens if your pooch doesn’t want to wait until you take or let them outside to go to the potty? These sprays will be rendered useless.

T.E.O.S. doesn’t encourage potty use–it stops it, providing a direct (but invisible) barrier.

Of course, it’s healthy for your dog to use the potty, and they need to be shown the proper areas to use. That’s why we combine every bottle of our solution with the training pamphlet. This way, your pet isn’t only encouraged to relieve themselves–they’re encouraged to do so in the right place.

You also don’t need to worry about unpleasant odors with T.E.O.S. It smells great and is meant to be used in your home! Our product is one-of-a-kind and made by a pet lover for pet lovers.

Lastly, T.E.O.S. is a long-term solution. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to keep buying bottle after bottle for the long term. Instead, you’ll permanently solve your pet’s potty problems with one bottle.

T.E.O.S. Has Diverse Use Cases.

What else makes T.E.O.S. the best pee spray for dogs?

It has multiple uses.

Yes, T.E.O.S. stops your dog (or cat) from partaking in unwanted potty behavior (and it does it fast!). Yet, this miracle spray offers several more benefits to pet owners and homeowners. Here’s what we mean:

  • Use T.E.O.S. to stop the neighborhood dogs from making your sidewalk their personal potty:

  • Your property is your pride. It shows everybody who you are and what you stand for. Other people’s dogs shouldn’t be marking their territory on your lawn, curb, or driveway. Owners would prevent or pick up these messes in a perfect world–but the world isn’t perfect. Also, it’s not like you want to get into a heated argument with your neighbors about their pets. You’re just trying to live your life and let people do their own thing–you don’t need the added stress!

  • Fortunately, our miracle spray will keep the neighborhood dogs–and their unwelcome potty habits–away.

  • E.O.S. will prevent dogs from eating their own poop:

  • A dog eating its own poop is relatively harmless–but it’s also…well…unpleasant. After all, they’ll try to lick you with that mouth–which could be harmful to you. Let’s not even get into the related smells. Overall, this behavior must be prevented at all costs–and T.E.O.S. can do just that if you spray it on their poop.

  • Cat poop and other accessible animal excrements are harmful to dogs since they’re filled with dangerous bacteria and parasites. Has your pup chosen your kitty’s litter as a feasting ground? T.E.O.S. can put an end to this risky behavior.

  • Outside T.E.O.S. prevents unruly critters from trespassing on your property:

  • The bane of any homeowner’s existence is a problem with wild animals rummaging around their front yard, backyard, or garage. Who knows what kind of mayhem they’ll cause? From raccoons getting into your garbage to rabbits tearing up your garden, furry trespassers can do a number on your property. We haven’t even brought up foxes wreaking havoc on chicken coops.

  • Outside T.E.O.S. is a humane solution that keeps these animals away. No traps or more extreme measures (like calling animal control) are needed. The amount of money this can save you (since you don’t need to pay an exterminator) is exponential.

  • Note that Outside T.E.O.S. is strictly meant for the outdoors.

Usually, a potty training spray for dogs is limited. You spray it and hope for the best. T.E.O.S. is so much more. It’s a system. It’s a protective barrier for your home. Most importantly, it’s the key to a better relationship with your pets and the neighborhood animals.

Training Your Pups to Ensure the Best Results.

Training Pups to ensure the Best Results

Until we’re blue in the face, we’ll proudly say that T.E.O.S. makes the best potty training spray for dogs.

That said, we aren’t in the business of making false promises–we’ll leave that to the consumer goods companies. Sure, we call T.E.O.S. a miracle spray, but for a good reason. What else can you call reversing a dog’s potty problems in just seven days other than a miracle?

We’ve had clients who’ve been on the verge of nervous breakdowns. Their pets have had potty problems for years. These issues have escalated to the point of ruining entire homes. Some of our clients have even had to move to a new house for fresh starts.

These clients scour the internet for solutions. They try product after product. Then, they pull their hair out because nothing works–until they come to us. Why? We offer the Alpha 101 training method along with our go-to spray.

With these resources, our clients’ pets’ potty problems disappear. These customers are left feeling like they’ve experienced a miracle because of how long they lived with the issue beforehand.

In this instance, the miracle is a product of practical approaches and experience. Our clients embrace our suggestions and methods to accomplish the desired results.

You’ll need to purchase T.E.O.S. potty solution to receive the Alpha 101 training pamphlet. However, training your pooch (or other pets) is a lifelong process. Plus, good behavior goes beyond potty usage–and potty problems could be a sign of more severe behavioral issues.

The positive results of our spray and training system will be enhanced by sticking to a sustained, overarching training regimen.

Below, we’ll provide helpful training tips to encourage positive pet behaviors.

Positive Reinforcement Encourages Good Pet Behaviors.

Ask any vet, and they’ll extol the virtues of positive reinforcement when training your pet.

The positive reinforcement philosophy revolves around rewarding your pooch for good behavior. Doing so shows that good behavior leads to ideal outcomes–whether a treat, playing fetch, or a scratch on the head.

As for bad behaviors? You do your best to ignore them. Punishments aren’t necessary–it’s best to pay them no mind.

Accidentally rewarding poor behavior is a problem dog owners often face.

One example is playing with your dog when they bark and jump on you to say hello. While the cuteness of this behavior is undeniable, you don’t want your pup jumping on and barking at people. So, wait for your pooch to calm down, then shower them with love and playtime.

T.E.O.S. fits seamlessly into this training method. You’re not punishing your dog by spraying areas in your home to create a potty-based boundary. You’re merely using a mitigative measure. Then, when your pup goes outside to relieve themselves, you can heap on the positive reinforcement.

Align Your Rewards with Your Dog's Preferences.

Every doggo is unique.

Maybe, you had a dog growing up that was food motivated. Let’s say their obedience could be encouraged through almost any treat.

Fast-forward to now, and you have a pup who doesn’t care about food. No milk bone can reel them in.

Don’t be dismayed–keep looking for solutions. A dog might only be motivated by a specific type of food (e.g., they prefer softer, chewier treats over harder, crunchier ones).

Your canine pal might not be influenced at all by food. This scenario can be trickier and requires experimentation. Toys, play sessions, or affection are all possible alternatives to food as positive reinforcement.

Combining T.E.O.S. with the proper reward is a potent training combination. Your doggo will have a clear aid (i.e., our formula) that communicates an area isn’t for toilet time. Throw on a reward they’ll relish, and you streamline the potty-training process.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is crucial when training your dog to use the potty. It’s also vital when teaching other behaviors.

This philosophy extends to the methods you use. For instance, use the exact words and intonations when asking your pooch to do something like “sit” or “come.”

Equally critical is for all household members to be aligned on dog training efforts and rules. It can confuse your dog when everybody isn’t on the same page. One example is if you don’t let your dog sit on the sofa, but your partner does. These mixed messages stifle successful puppy training.

T.E.O.S. removes any mixed messages from the scenario. It’s simple–all you need to do is spray the appropriate spots. From there, your doggo won’t be confused at all–they’ll be 100% sure that this area isn’t for relieving themself.

Training Should Be Diverse And Frequent–But Broken Into Smaller Chunks.

Unlike college students, dogs weren’t designed for marathon study sessions. They’re better at learning in shorter sprints.

Training sessions shouldn’t exceed five minutes, says The American Kennel Club. Going past this time threshold typically causes your dog to get frustrated or distracted.

Also, dogs often associate commands with specific places and situations. At first, they may struggle to discern the difference between “sit” on a busy street and “sit” at home.

Therefore, training sessions should be held in multiple locations with different people. Distraction levels should also vary to help your pup respond positively, no matter the scenario.

T.E.O.S. is quick, frequent, and works in multiple scenarios. You spray a given spot–which takes seconds. From there, the scent remains as continual reinforcement whenever your pet gets the urge to use the potty.

Improvements Come In Stages.

Expect improvements to be incremental when training your doggo–this is especially true with more complex behaviors (e.g., getting your dog to “stay”). Thus, it’s important to train in stages and build progressively.

Many experts suggest compartmentalizing behaviors–or breaking them down into smaller chunks. One example we’ll use is training your dog to “come.” At first, reward and praise your dog when they take one step toward you. Then, build to slow and steady improvements. From there, praise will be offered for increasingly better responses.

Using stages during training is also a suggested practice for behavior modification. For instance, stopping your dog from peeing or pooping in your home will require multiple steps.

While T.E.O.S. works fast, it also works in stages. Your dog’s potty-related behaviors will incrementally improve as the seven days go by.

Focus on Fun.

Training your dog isn’t like training for an ironman or decathlon. You aren’t trying to push limits and break physical barriers–you’re trying to improve behaviors. Therefore, the process shouldn’t be arduous or agonizing. It should–and can–be fun for you and your beloved pooch.

Positivity is paramount (as our positive reinforcement suggestion made clear). Also, variety will be your best friend. While diverse settings and exercises help your dog develop more adaptable behaviors, they add the benefit of keeping things fresh.

Consider implementing short play breaks into your training sessions. You could intersperse games of fetch between reps, for instance.

Adding tricks to general obedience training can spice things up for you. Keeping yourself entertained is essential to help your pup feed off your enthusiasm.

T.E.O.S. makes it easy to double down on fun during training. You’ll be in a better mood since you’re not scrubbing unpleasant pet messes out of hard-to-clean places (like your carpet). As such, you’ll be in the appropriate headspace to bring enthusiasm to training sessions, and your doggo will lap it up.

Incorporate Training Into Daily Living.

We live in a fast-paced world. Things can get hectic…like your schedule. As such, making room for multiple short training sessions throughout the day might seem like a pipedream.

Finding creative ways to incorporate pet training into your daily routine will make fitting in multiple daily sessions easier.

A commonly successful strategy is asking your dog to respond to a command before taking them for a walk, giving them dinner, or playing fetch.

Similarly, incorporating T.E.O.S. into your daily routine is seamless. All you need to do is spray areas where potty usage is prohibited. Plus, our training approach isn’t time intensive–it won’t throw a wrench into your busy schedule.

Celebrate Small Victories.

All improvements made by your dog–no matter how small–should be viewed and treated as monumental triumphs.

Yes–your big-picture training goals should always be in the back of your mind. Still, celebrating even the tiniest victories will motivate you and your canine pal to keep up the excellent work.

T.E.O.S. gives your pup tangible victories you both can celebrate. Every time your furry friends relieve themselves in an appropriate setting will be worth a victory dance.

Learn More About The Best Potty Training Spray For Dogs.

Learn More About The Best Potty Training Spray For Dogs

Want to know the #1 advantage you get with the T.E.O.S. Potty solution? You’re purchasing a product made by a passionate animal lover. Our founder Daniele is dedicated to helping owners live harmoniously with their four-legged friends. She wants the best for you and your four-legged fur child.

Contact us today to learn more about our complete training system!