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4 Must-Know Tips To Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days

Tip 1 Be Patient, Persistent, And Positive

You love your dog–which might be an understatement. It’s probably more accurate to say you love-love-love-love-love your dog.

From single pet parents to families of pet parents, your furry friend is likely a beacon of light for everybody in your home.

Like most loving pet parents, you want what’s best for your four-legged family member. You want the home environment to be a welcoming place where they’re kept healthy, feel happy, and receive the appropriate number of pets and scratches day in and day out.

You feel a sense of duty toward your dog. You’re obligated to provide your furry pal with the best quality of life you can offer…and then some.  However, giving your dog the lifestyle they deserve depends on your ability to live with them harmoniously.

For the most part, the harmony between a pet and its owner isn’t hard to come by. Even the most rambunctious pup can be so loveable that you can look past the odd bit of mischief. Unfortunately, there are certain behaviors you can’t look past–such as potty-related accidents in the home.

House training can be a tricky sort of business. Dealing with nasty potty-related messes for longer than necessary can weigh your mind. It can make you doubt yourself as a dog parent and put you in a negative state of mind.

If you’re dealing with house-training problems and an excess of potty-related accidents, don’t fret. We’ve devised the T.E.O.S. Potty Solution System to help overcome your exact situation.

Keeping the above sentiments in mind, we’ll provide helpful tips (powered by T.E.O.S.) to help potty train your dog in 7 days.

Tip 1: Be Patient, Persistent, And Positive

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the T.E.O.S. Potty Solution System, we want you to understand you’re not alone in your struggle.

Fetch by WebMD says it best when they explain that housetraining a dog requires patience, positive reinforcement, and consistency.

Typically, it takes up to six months to fully potty train your dog–however, it can take up to a year for some puppies. One predictor for how long this training can take is size. More to the point, given the heightened metabolisms and smaller bladder sizes of smaller breeds, they often require more ventures to the backyard or park than bigger dogs.

Another factor to consider when you potty train your dog is their prior living conditions. You may require additional help to transform bad habits into better ones.

There might be times when it seems you’re doomed to lose the battle. You may feel like you’ll be stuck lining your hardwood floors and carpets with recycled newspapers for years to come.

Now–let us shine a light on the “additional help” we discussed two paragraphs up. While some dog owners may want to splurge thousands of dollars for professional training, not many people have the available funds to do such a thing. Even if you have the money, it might not be necessary to fork out the cash you could save instead–especially when the T.E.O.S. Potty Solution Complete Training System can potty train your dog in 7 days.

Yes, potty-training your dog will always require hard work–but T.E.O.S. offers you an additional tool to help complete the process in a week.

Tip 2: Don’t Use Sprays That Mask The Problem. Stick To A System That Solves it.

Don't Use Sprays to Mask The Problem

Many “magic” solutions are just generic sprays covering up the smell–and they barely even do that.

All these sprays do is mask the issue–in no way will it make your dog stop having accidents in your home.

Conversely, T.E.O.S. addresses the root problem, contributing to a long-term solution that ensures your dog’s potty usage occurs outside.

When you directly address the cause of the behavior, you can reverse it.

In your dog’s case, there’s a primitive urge to mark his or her territory. T.E.O.S. is a system explicitly devised to tap into that instinct for your and your dog’s benefit.

We’ll get more into the science of how T.E.O.S. works in a different section. For now, we want to focus on how T.E.O.S. focuses on solutions and not false promises. Don’t get caught up in some gimmicky concoction or questionable training advice that’s really just an urban myth.

At the end of the day, there’s no way to genuinely mask the odor of dog accidents in your carpet or fabrics. Similarly, there’s no way of hiding a potty-related problem. The only solution revolves around the behavior itself.

Accidents, the mess they cause, and the lingering smells will persist until you address the root behavior.

Tip 3: Rely On A Solution Backed By Science

Tip 3 Rely On A Solution Backed By Science

With the benefits discussed in the previous section, it’s nearly impossible to argue against raising a flock of chickens.

Yet, all those advantages fly out the window when you have a problem with pesky foxes.

That said, what makes these sly canids such a danger to your chickens?

First and foremost, foxes have exceptionally acute hearing. Their ears can hear all manners of sounds.

One of those sounds could be your chickens softly cooing. From there, a fox with food-motivated intentions will follow the noise to your coop.

A fox will eat through your fencing when it’s time to make its move. If your fence is impenetrable, foxes will burrow holes to get to your coop. This act comes naturally to foxes, given their homes are holes in the ground.

Upon reaching your chickens, a fox will engage in a “killing frenzy,” during which they’ll target as many of your flock as possible. They’ll bite your chickens’ heads, then bury the bodies in any nearby storage so that they can come back and feast repeatedly.

Tip 4: Stick To A Training Regimen

Tip 4 Stick To A Training Regimen

We’d understand if you were skeptical about the T.E.O.S. Potty Solution if we said all you had to do was spray the formula, and voila, you potty train your dog in 7 days. However, we’re not promising a magic-bullet solution that makes potty problems disappear without rhyme or reason.

At T.E.O.S. Industries, we view ourselves as realists, firmly believing in making reasonable promises to our customers. Thus, we don’t just send you our formula and leave you to your own devices. We provide you with a pamphlet that details how to potty train your dog in 7 days when you order the T.E.O.S. Potty Solution

So, yes, there’s a stipulation to your success in ending pet accidents in your home. You need to follow the training program outlined in our pamphlet, or else you won’t get the most out of our product.

You might wonder why you should trust our training system–and we have an answer. The creator of T.E.O.S., Daniele Largo, is a pet whisperer who’s worked alongside pet parents for years. She has a proven track record in transforming the behaviors of your dogs and other pets and improving her client’s–and their furry friend’s–quality of life.

Plus, we have written testimonials on our website, proving the effectiveness of our Potty Solution.

Bonus Tip: Combine T.E.O.S. With These Tried And True Potty Training Methods

Here are a few tried-and-true approaches that help you potty train your dog:


  • Ensure your dog can’t reach beyond a boundary by tethering them to an object.
  • When you tether your dog to yourself, it makes it easier to monitor their behavior.


  • Confining your dog to an area with potty pads will help prevent them from going potty on the floor.
  • This method proves most valuable when your dog needs to wait for extended times between potty breaks.

Crate Training:

  • Crate training is only humane if you ensure your dog has a comfortable crate that’s just big enough for turning around and lying down.
  • Ensure your dog has enough room to stretch but not enough space to go to the bathroom without sleeping in their mess.

Outdoor Training (sometimes):

  • When your dog goes potty outdoors, you can positively reinforce this behavior, ensuring quicker potty training.
  • Keep an eye on your dog outdoors to ensure they’ve pottied.

Supervised Training:

  • Someone must actively watch your puppy during supervised training.
  • You can’t cook dinner, watch television, or be on the phone–you must be locked onto your dog all the time.
  • This approach ensures you’ll notice when your dog needs to use the potty.

Other factors to consider:

  • Take your dog outside every half hour.
  • Watch for five minutes to see if your dog poops or pees outside.
  • Offer rewards via treats and pets if your dog goes potty outside within 5 minutes–also, reward them with off-leash fun time.
  • These steps should be repeated throughout the day.

Combining these approaches with the T.E.O.S. Potty Solution will help you potty train your dog in 7 days. Contact us today to learn more!